Ever wonder what you should eat when you run?

Introducing... Fuel Your Run

A free guide telling you exactly what to eat BEFORE, DURING, and AFTER you run

Runners love food. Runners also love convenience. As tempting as it may be to fill up on nutrient-poor gels, bars, and sports drinks, your body deserves better. Eating the right things will help you recover faster, and strengthen your body to prevent injury.

Take the guesswork out of what to eat when you run with delicious + nourishing + natural recipes. In Fuel Your Run, you'll find specific recipes to eat BEFORE you run, DURING your long run, and AFTER you finish.

Fan favorites include Race Day Breakfast Bowl, Go-Go-Go Granola, Chewy Banana Bites, Better Than Gatorade, and Finish Line Muffins.

The Running Stylist


My name is Robyn Gadd, and I am YOUR personal running stylist. Let's make-over your run, starting from the inside. Learn how to fuel your run with this e-book, packed with killer recipes + nutritional wisdom. Enjoy!